15 Unique Small Business Ideas To Work From Home

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Struggling to find new and unique small business ideas to work from home?

Fear not, I’ve got you covered!

Maybe you’re here because you’re a stay-at-home parent curious about earning money from home. Or perhaps you’ve been dreaming about walking out those office doors for awhile and finally want to make it happen?

I know exactly how it feels to be curious about starting something for yourself and wanting to bring your ideas to life. Not having to answer to that annoying boss, or deal with any office politics. To start your very own business from home and be your own boss is such a thrilling experience!

So whatever it may be, I’ve created a list of unique small business ideas that are interesting and will help to spark some creativity to help you make the right decisions for you.

Some important things to consider before starting a business from home are:

  • Startup costs – What do I have to work with?
  • Work/life balance – How much time can I put into my business?
  • Skill level and experience – What skills do I have or need to learn?
  • Money vs time – Do I have more money or time to work with?
  • Interests – Where do my interests and passions lie?
  • Good income – How much do I want to earn and can it replace my full time income?

Now let’s get right into the 15 unique small business ideas you can start from home. Here’s to you and finding something right for you and your journey ahead!

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1. Blog for Business

You may be groaning at the thought of blogging and thinking this is not a new and unique idea in 2024. I get it! However – the reason this one is at the top of the list is because it is a fantastic way to earn money online.

Recently, I made my first $100 from ads on my site alone. That was a bit of a milestone for me, and a great way for my husband and I to make some extra money.

Blogging has changed a lot over the years, there are more blogs than ever with new websites being created every single day.

But that shouldn’t put you off. The reason I say this is because everybody is unique and can create something special for their audience.

You can bring something different to the table that others around you cannot. Using your own personality and life skills, you can build your own personal brand through your blog.

It’s important to think of a blog as a business from the start. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your blog, it simply means that just writing about your passions and interests aren’t enough, given how many other blogs there are on the internet.

There are many ways you can monetize your website, such as display ads (like you see on my site), affiliate marketing or selling your own products and services.

However, when you’re just getting started it’s important to focus on high quality, engaging content.

Blogging has changed my life and was everything I didn’t know I was looking for!

If you’ve been curious about starting a blog but haven’t got a clue what to blog about, I encourage you to check out my legendary list of blogging ideas to help you get started!

Or, if you’re ready to take the plunge with starting a blog, I will show you step by step how to set up your blog from scratch here.

2. Set up a Glamping Rental Business on AirBnB

This unique small business idea is a pretty exciting one!

I’ve found that a lot of people want to find unique and fun getaways, especially but not only people from big cities like New York, LA etc.

And if you head over to AirBnB you will find that glamping rentals are very popular. Some of these are rented out for a couple of hundred dollars a night. And if you set one up yourself, you have the potential to make six figures a year with these popular rentals.

But I don’t have a tent, an RV, or land to rent out, I hear you cry. Don’t worry! There are plenty of channels and videos on YouTube that show you how to set up your own rentals on AirBnB.

Basically your options are renting some land, leasing some land, or if you have a bit of cash you can buy some land outside of a popular national park. These are your best options for lower costs with the glamping set up.

Once you get up and running it’s likely you will see bookings start to come in really quickly. And the profit margins for this type of business can be up to 80% which is incredible! The downside to this business model is it can take some time to set up. Especially to do it properly and do it right.

I think this is a pretty unique and exciting business opportunity that, if you have the time and the means to set up can be one of the best side hustles out there!

3. Start a Microgreens Business

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of people on social media growing their own microgreens like herbs, sprouts etc.

And I thought well this could be a cool little business to start from home!

This unique small business idea is especially good if you have some spare room in or outside your house to grow these microgreens. But this isn’t essential! There are lots of creative and innovative ways to grow your own microgreens in smaller spaces.

People became a lot more health conscious during the pandemic, and are focusing more on healthy eating and good nutrition. When supermarkets aren’t easy to get to or prices are bumped up, this is where you can offer your goods at a competitive price.

There are many YouTube tutorials you can check out that show you how to grow your own microgreens to help you get started.

Some of the most popular and sort after microgreens are:

  • Broccoli microgreens
  • Sunflower microgreens
  • Pea microgreens
  • Radish microgreens
  • Cress microgreens

In terms of marketing and growth, I would start small and scale over time. You could join Facebook groups or create your own group to market your microgreens in a natural and authentic way. You could also start a blog dedicated to content that’s all about growing your own food at home and healthy living.

Instagram would be a hot spot for marketing this sort of business as well, creating reels, stories and beautiful images of your microgreens.

Another way to get yourself out there is by heading down to your local markets and setting up a small stall to sell your microgreens.

4. Start a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is easy. You jump onto YouTube, you create your account, you upload some videos and BOOM! You’re on YouTube.

However, growing and monetizing your channel is a different story. Let’s take more of a look at this part.

Firstly, to start making at least $100 a month from your YouTube channel, you will need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time from your videos.

To get to this point it can take months and some serious hustling to get your first 1000 subscribers. And it will be different for everyone.

This is the sort of online income you would need to stick at and put a lot of time and effort into (like anything worthwhile). You need to stick with it and be in it for the long term.

Working Work From Home GIF by Bare Tree Media

It is possible to have big success on YouTube, but all your focus, time and energy needs to go into your channel to get it earning decent money.

If you’re willing to put in the hard yards at the beginning you can reap the rewards for months and years to come.

Starting and growing a YouTube channel is not going to be for everybody, but if you enjoy talking to a camera, sharing your ideas as well as editing and uploading videos then it’s one to consider.

And if you don’t want to put your face on camera there are so many other options for creating videos. Some of the types of videos that do well on YouTube are:

  • Tutorials
  • Funny video compilations
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Gaming
  • Product reviews
  • Music
  • Educational videos
  • Unboxing videos

5. Become a Virtual Assistant (VA)

With more and more businesses moving to the online world it makes sense that clerical staff are moving online with them. And this is exciting because there are more opportunities opening up for people wanting to become a VA.

Lets answer some common questions about becoming a VA.

How much can a VA earn?

A VA can expect to earn anywhere from $15 to $50 per hour, on average.

The earnings of a VA can greatly vary based on factors such as experience, skills, industry and geographic location. New VAs may start at the lower end of the scale, while VAs with specialized skills or extensive experience may charge higher rates.

Some VAs also work on a project basis or charge a monthly retainer fee. In addition to hourly rates, factors like the complexity of tasks, the level of expertise required and the VA’s efficiency can all influence earnings.

How does someone find their first VA job?

You may have heard of Upwork or Fiverr, which are both great places to land a job as a VA. However, it can be highly competitive when you’re just starting out. All you need is that one person to say yes to your first job and you’re good to go.

So how do you do that?

First, create a killer resume listing your skills and experience in your relevant field. If there are VA jobs you have your eye on but don’t yet have the skills they need, there are many online courses to get educated. Skillshare have a huge range of courses in just about every area of expertise you can think of.

Second, choose your employer carefully. Create a profile on a credible online job site that is an exact match for your skillset. This way, you will find your first job to be what you were looking for.

Thirdly, make sure you are charging the correct hourly rate for your services. Research what other VAs are charging in your field and ensure you are not asking for too much or too little for your services.

6. Make Money Providing Pinterest Services

If you enjoy graphic design and more specifically, designing pins for Pinterest, then you can sell these types of services to online businesses who use Pinterest for business.

Here are some of the services that these types of businesses would need:

  • Creating and designing pins for their website
  • Helping individuals set up their Pinterest business account
  • Scheduling of pins to post to align with Pinterest’s algorithm
  • Creating Pinterest ads

Using free tools like Canva to create pins will make life a lot easier.

There are also many tutorials out there on how to run Pinterest ads so you can learn a new skill and start charging for it. Click here for helpful resources and learn all about Pinterest advertising.

7. Create an Online Course or Coaching Service

It has become easier to sell your knowledge and expertise via online course platforms.

If you are an expert in something then it’s worth considering selling your know-how and making a good income in doing so.

You can offer online coaching classes to students and create an online community using facebook groups. Or you could start a podcast to reach people offering your services.

When you’re offering a course online, the easy part is the technical side. You can easily film yourself on your phone with good lighting and a tripod. However, to be able to sell your course, it needs to be good.

One really great platform I recommend for selling online classes is Skillshare. I mentioned it earlier as a site to take courses from to become a VA. Now, you could also use it to sell your own course.

You need to meet certain requirements to upload your classes on their platform, but that’s a good thing. There are too many scammers trying to make money selling courses using “get rich quick” tactics.

Skillshare is good because you can sell your courses indirectly. And what do I mean by this?

If you think of a service you pay for, lets use Netflix as an example, you pay Netflix to access a range of movies and shows to watch. Similarly, someone who pays for a Skillshare membership can access your course and you get paid.

Providing real value to people and being authentic is not only what people want but what you will gain success from.

If you think you could offer your skills and knowledge to people then I highly recommend you check out Skillshare’s Teaching Handbook to learn more.

8. Start a Dog Sitting Business

Love dogs and have a lot of time on your hands? Then you might consider starting a dog sitting business which can be very rewarding.

People are often in need of a pet sitting service but don’t want to pay high vet care fees. This is where you can come in and offer your services.

To start with you would need to set up a website, grab a domain name and market your services. You could create a facebook page and join facebook groups in the dog niche or start your own facebook group to gain exposure.

Before getting started, consider whether this type of business would be right for you. Are you responsible and compassionate and like to work alone? Do you love to get outdoors and be active? Considering these questions first should help you to realize whether it’s something you want to commit to.

Some start-up costs for a dog sitting business could include:

  • Business license and insurance
  • Computer, website maintenance and business software
  • Advertising costs

Pet sitters charge on average $25 to $30 per sitting, which depends on what services are included. The average cost of a 30 minute visit is $25, whereas sitting overnight may cost $75 $85. Let’s take a look at some rates below:

  • National average cost – $25 to $30
  • Low end cost – $15 to $20
  • High end cost – $65 to $90

9. Write an eBook

Do you enjoy writing? Are you keen to make some cash on the side with writing eBooks? With access to cheap or even free self-publishing software, writing and publishing an eBook has become a lot easier than it once was.

Whilst writing and publishing eBooks alone can be difficult to make a full time income from, you can make some money on the side and so we recommend starting small, write for others to get your name out there before writing your own eBook.

Keep up with researching different ways to write, publish and market your eBook. If you keep at it and it’s what you’re passionate about then you have every chance to make it as an author and make a full time income from.

10. Sell on Etsy

Some trends I’ve seen particularly on Etsy and Pinterest are DIY crotchet and embroidery, leatherwork and glass etching.

These trends are picking up and if you’re interested in a side hustle, you could learn a new skill and open a store on Etsy to sell your work.

To learn more about setting up an Etsy store, making your first sale and growing your business, we recommend reading this Seller Handbook which has all the information you need to get started.

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11. Buy and Sell Flipping Business

Buying items and reselling them for a profit can be a lucrative business. To get started, you will of course need a little cash to purchase items you think will sell well for a profit.

Start by visiting thrift stores and flea markets and looking for items you can sell on facebook marketplace, for example.

Searching for unique items that are hard to find sell well, or you could look for items that are already trending and you know people are already looking for.

Some ideas for items in different niches are:

  • Vintage clothing
  • Glassware
  • Adventure gear
  • Tea sets
  • Furniture
  • Exercise equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Baby gear
  • Appliances
  • Books
  • Bikes
  • Jewelry
  • Sunglasses
  • Smartphones

12. Start a Podcast

Podcasting is very popular now and you can make big money in creating your own podcast.

In March 2023, it was reported that 90 million people in the US listen to podcasts.

Wondering how you can get started?

First up, you will need to plan your podcast episodes and look at getting your software and equipment set up.

Next, you need to sign up for podcast hosting. Podcast hosting is where a service stores your audio files and distributes them to the big networks such as Spotify, iTunes, Tunein etc.

To get started for free, you can sign up with Buzzsprout and get a free $20 Amazon giftcard.

13. Sell Custom Printed Merchandise

Creating a brand and selling your own custom made merchandise has never been easier. Products like mugs, t-shirts, stickers, bags, drink bottles and more are very popular.

There are great websites to choose from that will help you quickly and easily put your designs on merchandise to sell.

You can use Canva to create your own designs and then upload them to one of the following sites in just a few clicks.

Some tips when creating designs for merchandise:

  • Search Pinterest for inspiration on designs, see what people like and what’s trending
  • Find a specific niche and focus on that, avoid basic designs
  • If you’re a good designer, outsource marketing for your store
  • If you’re a good marketer, outsource designing to somewhere like Fiverr
  • Don’t just stick to one type of product like t-shirts or mugs, branch out

14. Sell Resume Templates

In the past when I’ve been job searching, I came across people selling resume templates on Etsy.

I thought to myself, what an awesome idea!

It’s something that people are always searching for and need when they’re applying for jobs.

You can easily create resume templates in Canva and sell them on Etsy.

I think to succeed with selling templates on Etsy, you would need to really niche down. So for example, instead of just ‘resume template’ you could target ‘resume template for nurses’ or ‘resume template for students’.

15. Bookkeeping

There will always be people who need help with their business and personal finances.

Maybe you’re an accountant or are interested in taking an accounting course?

Being a bookkeeper can be very flexible work, and you can easily set yourself up at home.

Given bookkeepers are always in need, the pay is usually very good too!

If you want to learn how to become a bookkeeper, here are some beginner friendly courses on Udemy you can take a look at.

Last Words

Hopefully by now you are feeling inspired and have unlocked some ideas to get started with your own unique small business from home.

New business opportunities are always coming up in this technology driven world we’re in.

Have you ever started your own small business? Are you running a successful business or feeling stuck at road blocks?

Let me know in the comments!

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