30 Creative Ways To Give Cash: Best Money Gift Ideas!

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Have you been searching for the best money gift ideas or creative ways to give money?

Sometimes there’s just no better gift to give than the gift of money. Would you agree?

Just like you, I was searching on Pinterest for unique and fun ways to gift money to friends and family. I wanted to get creative and do something a little different and I’ve always found Pinterest is the best place to go to get some inspiration.

So instead of just the simple cash-in-an-envelope way to give money on a special occasion, why not wow someone with a unique and fun cash gift?

Whether you’re after money gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas DIY gifts, graduations or baby showers. Whatever occasion it may be, this post has some great ideas to gift your friends and family with cash.


I’m someone who loves a cash or gift card present that I can spend on whatever I like. To me, this is a practical way to get something I really like and can choose myself.

You may already know that I love earning free cash and gift cards in my spare time to spend on small purchases, like my favorite drink or something I’ve been saving up for.

That way, I find that whoever gifts me cash or gift cards has peace of mind knowing I’ll be spending it on something special. Rather than getting any old present that could end up in a drawer collecting dust. I’m sure you can relate!

Sometimes it’s just easier to gift money instead of spending hours, days, weeks or even MONTHS trying to find the perfect present.

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If you’re looking for fun and thoughtful ways to give money, then look no further! As I mentioned above, I love to receive cash and free gift cards myself, and I know many others who prefer this too! These ideas are not only unique and creative but are some of the best ways to gift money to your friends, family, co-workers, teens and just about anyone!

There are so many unique ways to give cash that’ll leave a lasting impression on the receiver. In fact, these money gift ideas will highlight the fact you’ve gone out of your way to gift something creative and thoughtful. I’m pretty certain the recipient will appreciate and love these money gifts purely because thought and effort went into them.

And believe me, it doesn’t take that long to organize! These can actually save you the time and worry of having to think of what to give. The best part is knowing that the person will actually put that money you give them to good use!

So, here are the best and most creative ways to give money to anyone for any occasion. The sky is the limit when it comes to creatively giving money, so knock yourself out with these money gift ideas!

1. Digital Transparent Piggy Bank Filled with Cash

This is a really fun and super cute way to gift money to someone – a kid, an adult or teen would just LOVE to get a present like this!

All you need to do is grab a piggy bank like this one here, fill it with cash, coins (or both!) and wait for your recipient’s reaction when they open it.

Aside from this being a practical gift that encourages savings, it’s unique and fun and a very non-boring way to gift money to someone special!

By the way, if you’re interested in unique and fun piggy bank gift ideas for both adults and kids, you can check out this post here. You and your friends will love these ideas!

2. Personalized Wooden Letter Piggy Bank

This type of cash gift could be great for kids and teens, but really anyone who loves their personalized items would love to get a gift like this!

Perfect for birthdays and Christmas presents or even as a reward gift if you know someone who has reached a personal goal – this could be a great present just by popping some cash inside the coin bank.

You could even fill it with candies or any other small goodies inside this coin bank that you think the recipient will enjoy. You’ll be the most thoughtful person on the planet with a gift like this!

3. Money Maze Puzzle Box Holder

These money maze puzzle holders are a super fun and interesting way to gift money! The perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, Christmas or any other occasion you think would suit.

So how do they work? You just pop in some cash, jewelry, or any small item you want to surprise the recipient with. They’ll be super excited to solve this money puzzle maze to get their special gift! This is such a fun and exciting way to gift money that’ll earn you some brownie points!

Believe me, you can’t go wrong with this cash gift idea. I even recommend stocking up on these so when you find yourself scrambling for a gift you can use them at the last minute! Then you have it all sorted.

4. Hide Cash in an Ultra-Cool Tumbler!

This is an easy and practical way of gifting someone some cash along with something they can use over and over again. All you need to do is grab a funky tumbler like these, fill it with cash and wait for them to discover your cash surprise inside!

You could include their favorite chocolate bar or candy inside these too! I know how much I’d appreciate a gift like this and really, you can’t go wrong here. Everyone appreciates some spending cash, and hiding it in these tumblers is the prefect surprise!

5. Money Gift Card Holder

If you’re after something super duper easy to put together that is still pretty and thoughtful, then a money gift card holder is perfect for this!

Just pick up a pack of these money gift card holders for Christmas, put the gift card of your choosing in them, write a quick personalized message in the holder and you’re done!

This way, the person receiving them is still getting a gift that’s had thought put into it and they can spend their gift card on whatever they want. All while you can sit back and get the rest of your shopping done!

I find stocking up on these at Christmas time keeps me organized and not clambering around trying to find something at the last minute. We have enough to do and think about at this time of year! And if I have any that are leftover, I can use the following year.

So if you’re after convenience and a quick but thoughtful gift, this one is most fitting!

6. Money Clip Wallet Protector Gift

After a great money gift for your boyfriend or husband? You’re in the right place!

This awesome money clip wallet holder is not only designed with the customer in mind, allowing them to get their cards and cash out without having to fumble around. BUT, it also uses clever technology to protect his credit cards from sneaky thieves!

You’ll be his favorite person ever when they get this gift from you! You could even slide in a few nice crisp bills when you gift it to them.

7. DIY Money Notepad

If you’re looking for a FUN and creative way to gift money, you might want to consider this fantastic money notepad idea!

You can use as many dollar bills as you want and it’s a really cool and creative way to give someone the gift of cash.

The fact that you’ve taken the time to creative such a fun and cool gift will show that person how much you’ve thought of them!

I guarantee this is going to put a big smile on someone’s face when they receive a gift like this.

Source: What Mommy Does

8. Easy Dollar Bill Origami

I’ve personally folded and gifted these dollar bill origami as cash gifts and they’re always very well received! People really appreciate the effort you put into something like this and it leaves a lasting impression.

People can sometimes be “too proud” or scared to admit they’d love cash as a gift. So when you gift them something as unique and thoughtful as this, they’ll be blown away!

You can use these super easy dollar bill origami tutorials and start making your origami cash gifts right away. And the best thing is they are suitable for any occasion you’ve got!

9. Money and Gift Card Basket

You generally see gift baskets filled with chocolates, snacks, candies or hot cocoa. Which are all lovely things! But consider filling a basket with gift cards to the recipient’s favorite stores along with some cash!

This money gift idea works really well for birthdays, graduations, Christmas and even for baby showers!

By putting together a thoughtful gift basket that has gift cards and cash to spend at their favorite places, they’ll just love the idea. And this way they’re not getting some random products they may not even like.

To purchase a pre-made basket filled with products can cost anywhere up to a few hundred dollars. So, why not give cash and gift cards in a creatively made basket like the one below?

Source: Pinterest

You can add in some personal gifts you know the recipient likes and will use too!

The lucky person receiving a gift like this will love the practicality and thoughtfulness from you!

10. Money and Confetti Balloon

This idea is sure to go off with a bang! (Sorry I had to)

All you need for this fun idea is a balloon, some confetti and some cash to put inside. Then just blow the balloon up. What a great idea this is for a birthday or graduation balloon as a creative way to gift money.

You and the receiver will cherish these memories for a long time, especially when you see the receiver’s reaction as they’re slightly nervous and excited to pop the balloons open for the money inside!

Source: Sugar and Charm

11. Pizza Box with Some Dough

Everyone knows someone who loves pizza. So you could consider gifting money in a Pizza box!

This one comes with a message that says, “You can’t live on just pizza, so here’s some extra dough”. I know this idea is a huge hit with teens and graduates!

You can create your own personalized message like “The best part of pizza is the dough”, which is my personal favorite 😉

Source: itsalwaysautumn

12. McDonald’s Money French Fries

This idea takes the classic McDonald’s French Fries and turns it into an awesome and unique money gift idea!

I mean, who doesn’t love McDonald’s French Fries??

The lucky recipient can buy all the French Fries they like with this cute money gift idea.

Source: Sunburstgifts.org

13. Break Glass Emergency Cash Gift

This is a super fun way to give money and something the receiver will love and get a good laugh out of!

Whether you know someone who’s just graduated or needs to start an emergency fund, this gift is sure to be received well.

You could start a small one for them by framing it in a photo frame like this:

Source: Sendomatic

14. DIY Money Tree Gift Idea

Creating a DIY Money Tree will show the recipient that you spent the time and effort to make something special. This could be a great gift for a teacher, friend, family member or neighbor.

You could even fill the base with some coins which would make it extra sturdy too.

These are not only practical but look so pretty too! I know I’d appreciate having one on my desk or table.

Source: Make It Fun Crafts

15. Shirt Money Gift Idea

A shirt made of money! Who’d have thought it.

This would make a great graduation, birthday or even Christmas present if you want to give money in a unique way. This is also a fantastic gift for a guy who has landed a new job or started a new career!

So instead of buying a shirt as a present, you can be the cool, unique gift giver and gift him a shirt made of real dollar bills. He can then use the money to buy whatever he likes.

Source: Get Your Holiday On

16. Play-Doh Gift Idea

We all love to spend money on fun and cool things, so this money gift idea could be great for someone you know! And all you need is an empty Play-Doh container and money of your choice.

These can give people of all ages a laugh and some fun. They can treat the “dough” as their play money, spending it to treat themselves on whatever they like.

I know lots of people who would like this gift from kids to adults!

Source: Pinterest

17. Hidden Money in Mason Jar

This is perhaps one of the easiest money gift ideas that leaves a lasting impression while keeping it super simple.

These are easy to put together and make a great gift for a sibling or other family member, your best friend or for any occasion you can think of. You can gift them at Christmas, birthdays, graduations or other special ceremonies.

If you’re looking to gift multiple jars around the holiday season then it’s a good idea to stock up so you can get them all done at the same time.

Source: My Home Based Life

18. Money Origami Graduation Caps

These origami money graduation caps will look super cute and make an awesome gift for a new graduate.

Just follow the tutorial on how to fold a graduation hat using dollar bills and by making a DIY tassel on the side to attach them to the money bill.

Easy peasy and something a new graduate will LOVE.

Source: Sugar and Charm


19. Decorated Christmas Mason Jar

This is one of the simplest money gift ideas that requires little effort with a great end result!

Keep it nice and simple by filling up a jar with money and attaching a decorative bow on top with a personalized message on a gift tag.

If you’ve been looking for glass jars or mason gift ideas with money, this is one way to keep it uncomplicated. Particularly when you find yourself running out of time and ideas!

Source: Pinterest

20. Decorative Christmas Tin Gift Card Holder

These are cute but simple money or gift card holders for a quick and easy cash gift at Christmas time.

Simply grab one of these cute money tins and pop a gift card or money inside. They would be an ideal stocking filler too!

The recipient can keep the money tin for storing gift cards, money or small treasures.

21. Simple Cash Card Holder

Not a crafty person and looking for the quickest as well as the easiest solution for a gift possible? Then you can easily pick up these cute and jolly Christmas money card holders and slip in a crisp new bill or two!

Today, many people turn to e-gift cards or e-cards for convenience. But writing a personal message and gifting in person or through the post is always considered a warm and kind gesture.

You can stock up on these card and money holders to pull out each Christmas and feel super organized and ready to go during this busy period.

22. DIY Money Bouquet

Instead of giving a bouquet of flowers for a special occasion like graduation or Christmas, this is a cool way to change up the idea with a cash gift bouquet.

The receiver will love being able to put the money to good use. They can keep it looking pretty as a decorative item or they can use it when funds are running low.

This is a creative and unique way of giving cash instead of flowers.

Source: Fun-Squared

23. DIY Christmas Tree Cash Gift

Source: The Sunny Side Up Blog

Even if you don’t consider yourself crafty or creative, these sweet little money Christmas trees are a simple way to gift money and are easy to make.

You can fill up these trees up with $20, $50, or $100 bills depending on what you want to do. I just know the recipient will be leaping for joy over this gift!

24. Cash Filled Christmas Bauble

Surprise your friends, family, co-workers or anyone you know who would love this ornament filled with money. You can easily purchase these clear Christmas ornaments from any dollar or craft store and fill them up with cash.

These are quick and easy to make while saving you a lot of time searching high and low for the perfect present!

Source: She’s Crafty

25. Exquisite Origami Money Tree

Source: NProkuda Origami

While I’ve been on the hunt for interesting and cute ways to gift money, I came across these adorable origami Christmas trees. I thought I’d give them a whirl as I’d dabbled with origami in the past and really enjoyed it.

If you love origami then give these a try! Even if you’ve never done origami, it might be fun to learn something new.

These make an awesome Secret Santa (or Kris Kingle) gift. Receiving money is never going to be a fail but a huge win for both sides. You get the enjoyment of giving something you can’t go wrong with, while the recipient gets some cash to spend how they like, in the form of a cute Christmas tree!

26. Surprise Christmas Chocolate Money Box

Source: Thoughtful Gift Club

Surprise your friends and family with a chocolate box filled with money! There are two ways you can do this. Either just with surprise money as pictured above, or with some chocolates and some money in the box, the choice is yours.

Either way, this makes a great gift for any occasion.

27. Christmas Tree Money Wreath

Source: Stuck at Home Mom

Christmas Wreaths are popular at Christmas time, so why not create one made out of some crisp new bills for someone? Just add a few decorations to make it a wonderful Christmas gift that they won’t forget!

Oh and, make sure they don’t end up putting this gift at the front door for people to steal!

28. Ho Ho Ho Christmas Dough Stocking Idea

Source: Pinterest

I immediately loved this idea the second I saw it! Simple, creative, thoughtful and humorous!

As you can see from the picture, all you need is a stocking, some “dough” and a card with the cute “Ho Ho Ho…Here’s some holiday dough!” message written on it. Easy peasy!

If you’re feeling creative, you can make the stocking yourself using felt, glue and some Christmas ribbon, or you can purchase a plain stocking from any dollar store. The easiest Christmas stocking present ever!

29. Christmas Candy Coins

Source: Martha Stewart

Another super easy but cute money gift idea are these adorable candy coins!

A kid or teen would love to receive something like this at Christmas time, either in their stocking or as they are alongside some other gifts.

There’s no doubt these will be very well received! You could also gift them at other occasions using different colored wrapping paper, like for birthdays, graduations, Valentine’s day and just about anything else.

30. Money Book

Source: Martha Stewart

If you love getting crafty and stuck into a DIY with detail, then you might want to consider making these pretty covers that you can make into a book of money.

Like I’ve said, who doesn’t want money? And we can all use a little bit of extra money during the holidays to pay off debt or go on a vacation, can’t we?

Final Words on Gifting Money

One of the most practical and easiest ways to make someone’s day is to gift them with something in the form of cash or gift cards. And while we’re on the topic, you can learn how to find free cash and gift cards for yourself right here.

This way, they can buy something themselves or put the money into a savings account or whatever they want to do with it.

Instead of spending your hard earned money on things that people don’t actually want or wasting it on stuff that ends up in the garbage, consider these fun and creative ways to give money when you’re running out of ideas.

You really can’t go wrong with these practical cash or money gift ideas. 🎁

The awesome thing is they also work for literally any occasion and you can gift money whenever and in whatever way you want.

As you’ve seen, there are many ways to give money as a gift, now there’s no excuse to be boring with a plain envelope and cash!

I hope you’ve loved looking through these money gift ideas and are now feeling inspired for your next money gift.

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