How To Make Money on Twitch: From Hobby To Hustle

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Curious about making money online by playing games? Here is exactly how to make money on Twitch as a streamer.

You may know that Twitch has grown from a small platform for gamers to a massive online community with millions of active users!

The platform not only provides a space for gamers to share their love of gaming with others. It’s also an opportunity for them to make a living doing what they love most – gaming! And with the right strategies and approach, Twitch can be a lucrative platform for gamers who are passionate about their gaming and streaming.

And I’m guessing that’s the reason why you’ve landed on this post. You want to learn all about how to make money on Twitch?

I have great news for you!

Today, I’m going to teach you what you need to know about making money on Twitch. From becoming a Twitch affiliate to generating revenue through subscriptions and donations. I’ll also cover advertising revenue and sponsorships, the importance of personal branding and growing your Twitch audience.

Whether you are just starting out on Twitch or you’re looking for ways to grow your channel. This guide will provide you with the best tips and strategies to help turn gaming into a profitable side hustle or career. 💵

So, let’s get started and explore the world of making money on Twitch!

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What is the Twitch Platform?

Twitch was originally designed to be a space for gamers to stream their gameplay live to an audience. It was launched in 2011 and has since grown into one of the largest live streaming platforms in the world! Millions of users tune in to watch their favorite streamers play games. As well as share their thoughts and experiences, and interact with their viewers.

In addition to gaming content, Twitch also supports streaming of other activities such as music, art, talk shows and more. This has helped the platform to expand and create new opportunities for content creators to connect with their audiences.

Twitch has interactive features that allows viewers to engage with streamers in real-time through a chat function. They can ask questions, leave comments and participate in discussions. This creates a unique and engaging experience for both the streamer and the viewer. Which makes it a popular destination for those looking for entertainment, community, as well as social interaction.

One of the unique features of Twitch is its monetization options for streamers. They can earn money through subscriptions, donations, advertising revenue and sponsorships. This has made it possible for many streamers to turn their passion for gaming into a full-time career. Making Twitch a hub for entrepreneurship and creativity in the gaming industry. Exciting news for passionate gamers!

How To Make Money on Twitch

Twitch streamers can make money in several different ways which I’ll summarize below:

Subscriptions: Twitch offers a subscription service where viewers can pay a monthly fee to support their favorite streamers. There are different tiers of subscriptions, with each tier offering different perks for subscribers. Streamers receive a portion of the subscription revenue, with Twitch taking a percentage as well. More on that later in the post.

Donations: Viewers can also donate money to streamers through a feature called “bits”. Or, through third-party payment services like PayPal or Venmo. Many viewers donate to support their favorite streamers or to show their appreciation for the content they’re putting out.

Advertising revenue: Twitch offers advertising opportunities for streamers to earn money from ads that play during their streams. Streamers can also earn money through sponsorships, where brands pay them to promote their products during their streams.

Merchandise sales: A lot of Twitch streamers sell merchandise. Merch like t-shirts and hats and other branded items to their fans. This can be a lucrative source of income for popular streamers with a large following. But, smaller streamers can also start selling merch with a smaller following, which I talk about more later in this post.

Game sales: Streamers can earn a commission on game sales made through their affiliate links. This incentivizes streamers to promote games they enjoy while earning a commission.

So as you can see, the potential for income on Twitch is significant! Twitch can be a platform for gamers to turn their hobby into a well paid career. Especially for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to build a following and create engaging content,

What Can You Find on Twitch?

Twitch has a variety of categories for streamers to broadcast their content to their audiences. Some of the most well-known categories on Twitch include:


Of course, the gaming category is the most popular and widely known category on Twitch.

The gaming category is dedicated to streamers who want to share their gameplay live with their viewers. Gamers provide an interactive and entertaining experience for both the streamer and the audience.

It includes subcategories for different genres of games, such as action, adventure, RPGs, sports and more. Within each subcategory, viewers can find all different types of games being streamed by different content creators. Streamers can interact with their viewers through the chat function. They can answer questions, respond to comments and engage in discussions about the game.

In addition to live gameplay, streamers in the gaming category often provide commentary. They can talk about their experiences, strategies and give their best tips for playing the game. They can also interact with other players in multiplayer games or invite viewers to join them in games with multiplayer options.

The gaming category on Twitch has created a community of gamers who share their passion for gaming. As well as connect with each other through a common interest. It has also opened up new opportunities for gamers to turn their hobby into a career. They do this by building a following and earning money through Twitch’s monetization options.

Altogether, the gaming category on Twitch offers a dynamic and engaging experience for both the streamer and the audience. Allowing gamers to connect, entertain, and share their love for gaming with others like never before.


The Just Chatting category on Twitch is a section of the platform where streamers can chat with their viewers on various topics. They can share their personal experiences and opinions and create a more intimate and personal connection with their audience. This category isn’t centered around gaming and lets streamers showcase their personality and connect with their viewers on a more personal level.

The Just Chatting category is one of the most popular categories on Twitch and can cover a wide range of topics. Things like current events, pop culture, politics or personal stories. Streamers can also use this category to interact with their audience, answer questions and get feedback on their content.

In the Just Chatting category, streamers often use a webcam and microphone to communicate with their viewers which allows them to see and hear the streamer’s reactions and emotions. Viewers can also take part in the conversation through the chat function, creating a more interactive and engaging experience.

While the Just Chatting category may not generate as much revenue for streamers as the gaming category, it can still provide opportunities for monetization through various means like donations, sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

All in all, the Just Chatting category offers a unique and personal experience for both streamers and viewers and provides a platform for streamers to connect with their audience on a more personal level beyond the realm of gaming.


The Music category on Twitch is a dedicated component of the platform where musicians can perform live, interact with their audience and share their music with viewers around the world. This category is an exciting one for musicians because it allows them to showcase their talents, connect with fans and reach new audiences.

Musicians on Twitch can perform a variety of music genres, including pop, rock, electronic, hip-hop and classical. They can use different instruments or sing to provide a diverse and engaging experience for viewers. Viewers can also interact with the musicians through the chat function, request songs, ask questions or share their feedback on the performance. Pretty amazing right?

The Music category on Twitch also provides opportunities for musicians to monetize their content through donations, subscriptions, sponsorships and merchandise sales. Twitch has also partnered with music companies to provide licensed music that streamers can use during their streams without having to worry about copyright infringement issues.

As well as live performances, the Music category on Twitch also includes talk shows, interviews, and music-related content such as music production tutorials, reviews and discussions. These types of content provide a platform for musicians to share their knowledge and insights with their audience and connect with fellow musicians.

The Music category on Twitch is a unique way of offering an engaging experience for both musicians and viewers and letting musicians showcase their talent and connect with fans around the world. It give them a platform to reach new audiences, monetize their content and share their passion for music with others.


The Art category on Twitch allows artists to showcase their creative process, interact with their audience and share their artwork with viewers around the world. This category provides a special and unique platform for artists to showcase their talent, connect with fans and reach new enthusiasts far and wide.

In the Art category, artists can use various mediums such as digital art, traditional art, sculpting, crafting and a lot more to create their artwork. They can use different tools, techniques, and styles to create unique and engaging content for their viewers. Viewers can interact with the artists through the chat function, ask questions, provide feedback and share their admiration for the artwork.

The Art category on Twitch has numerous opportunities for artists to monetize their content just like the other categories I’ve mentioned. Twitch has also partnered with art supply companies to provide discounts and giveaways for artists to use during their streams, making it more accessible for artists to create their artwork.

Furthermore, the Art category on Twitch also offers educational and informative content, such as art tutorials, critiques and Q&A sessions. This gives artists a distinctive platform to share their knowledge, techniques and personal experiences with their audience, creating a community of lovers of art.

The Art category on Twitch really does offer a unique and engaging experience for both artists and viewers. It offers a new way to appreciate and learn about different forms of art while creating a supportive and creative community on the platform.


The Esports category on Twitch is dedicated to competitive video gaming. Esports, AKA electronic sports, is a form of organized video gaming competitions where professional players or teams compete against each other for prizes.

In this category, viewers can watch professional gamers compete against each other in various video games such as League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO and more. These competitions can range from small tournaments to massive international events that draw thousands of viewers!

The Esports category on Twitch provides a unique way for gamers and esports fanatics to watch and engage with professional players and teams from around the world. Viewers can interact with the players and other fans using the chat function, discuss gameplay strategies and more.

Moreover, the Esports category on Twitch also offers various opportunities for players and teams to monetize their content through sponsorships, donations and advertising revenue. Some professional gamers can make a substantial income from playing esports and streaming their gameplay on Twitch.

Additionally, the Esports category on Twitch provides informative and educational content such as tutorials, gameplay analysis and interviews with professional players. This type of content provides a platform for players and coaches to share their knowledge, techniques, and experiences with their audience, creating a supportive and informative community on the platform.

In summary, the Esports category on Twitch provides a platform for gamers and esports enthusiasts to watch and engage with professional players and teams from around the world. It offers a unique way to experience competitive video gaming and provides various opportunities for players and teams to monetize their content.


The Talk Shows and Podcasts category on Twitch is a devoted section of the platform to live conversations and discussions on a range of topics. This category provides a platform for content creators to share their opinions, knowledge and experiences with viewers in a conversational way.

In the Talk Shows and Podcasts category, content creators can discuss a broad range of topics such as politics, news, entertainment, technology and more. They can host interviews with guests or engage in roundtable discussions with other content creators or viewers.

This category provides an interactive experience for viewers to engage with the content creators through the chat function, ask their questions and provide feedback. This is a unique way for viewers to learn, gain insights and perspectives on various topics and participate in discussions with like-minded people.

What’s more, the Talk Shows and Podcasts category on Twitch also offers ways for content creators to monetize their content. Some content creators have successfully turned their podcasts or talk shows into profitable businesses, earning a substantial income from their Twitch channel.

As well, the Talk Shows and Podcasts category on Twitch provides informative and educational content such as interviews with experts, book reviews and debates. This allows content creators to share their knowledge, experiences, and perspectives with their audience, creating an engaging and informative community on the platform.

To summarize, the Talk Shows and Podcasts category on Twitch provides a platform for content creators to share their opinions, knowledge, and experiences on various topics in a conversational format. It offers an interactive experience for viewers to engage with the content creators, learn from informative and educational content, and participate in discussions with like-minded folk.


Now that we’ve covered what the Twitch platform is and its most popular categories, let’s take a deeper look at the best ways you can earn money as a streamer.


Becoming a Twitch affiliate is a crucial step for streamers who want to start earning money on the platform. There are some eligibility requirements to meet first, however, which are:

  • At least 500 total minutes broadcast in the last 30 days
  • At least 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days
  • Have at least 50 followers
  • Have an average of 3 or more concurrent viewers in the last 30 days

These requirements are in place to make sure streamers are serious about using the platform and filter out people who just want to make money quickly off their streams without actually streaming or taking the hobby seriously.

You can earn money as a Twitch affiliate so long as you are streaming frequently and your viewers can send support your way through subscribing and ‘bits’ – which I’ll go into more later.

When you’re a Twitch affiliate, you can get 14 days of video-on-demand (aka VOD) storage. This means your viewers can go back and watch your streams later on if they missed out on your broadcast.

To avoid having your Twitch affiliate status taken away, make sure your account is active and you’re following their terms of service!


A Twitch Partner is a more advanced level of partnership on the platform, offering additional perks and benefits beyond those available to Twitch Affiliates. With larger audiences on the platform and more revenue-generating opportunities, partners tend to be more established and successful content creators.

The main differences between a Twitch Affiliate and a Twitch Partner are:

Revenue sharing: Twitch Partners earn a higher percentage of revenue from subscriptions, ads, and donations than Twitch Affiliates. Partners also have more options for monetization, such as sponsorships and merchandise sales.

Priority support: Twitch Partners have access to a dedicated support team to help with technical issues, partnerships and other concerns.

Customization: Twitch Partners have more options for customizing their channel, such as custom emoticons, badges and channel designs.

You don’t need to be a Twitch Affiliate to become a Twitch Partner, however, Twitch does recommend streamers to do so.

In summary, becoming a Twitch Partner requires meeting more stringent eligibility requirements, applying for the program and then waiting for approval. Partners earn a higher percentage of revenue and have access to additional perks and benefits compared to Twitch Affiliates.


This method of monetizing your channel differs from Twitch Affiliate.

Affiliate marketing involves earning money when someone purchases something using your affiliate link. Businesses will pay you a commission percentage for recommending their products, even though there is no additional charge to your audience.

An example of this could be where you mention your favorite gaming gear like keyboard, mouse, headset, chair etc. and provide your affiliate link to those products. When your viewers click on that link and make a purchase, you get a commission.

This monetization method is my absolute favorite because you don’t need thousands of customers to start making commissions. It’s also one of the most passive ways to earn through Twitch.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should start promoting random things to your audience to make a quick buck. You will lose trust from your audience and your authenticity this way. Instead, be transparent about your affiliations and only recommend products you love and use yourself, or know enough about to recommend them.


Next up we have subscriptions – one of the prime methods to monetize on Twitch.

You do need to be a Twitch Affiliate first in order to receive a subscription button. But if you’re committed to streaming, aiming to qualify for the subscription program shouldn’t be too hard.

Similar to YouTube, when people subscribe to your channel this shows that people are loving your content and want to see more of it regularly.

So how do subscriptions work?

There are three subscription tiers for your subscribers to choose from. Starting at $4.99, then $9.99 and ending at $24.00 a month. The revenue will be split 50/50 between yourself and Twitch.

The benefits are usually special emotes, exclusive content, private chat rooms, ad-free viewing, badges and more. Some can also include discounts on merchandise.

If you work hard to earn your subscription button, it can be a very generous monthly income boost! Once you start getting subscribers, the sky is the limit with how much you can earn, especially if you continue to focus on growing your audience.


Bits are a virtual currency used on the Twitch platform. They allow viewers to support their favorite streamers by cheering them on with animated emotes during a livestream. Here’s how bits work and how they are used on Twitch:

Acquiring Bits: Viewers can acquire bits by purchasing them directly from Twitch or earning them through watching ads, participating in surveys or reaching certain milestones on the platform.

Cheering with Bits: Once a viewer has acquired bits, they can use them to “cheer” for streamers. Cheering involves using bits to send animated emotes called “Cheers” in the chat. These Cheers range in value from 1 bit to 10,000 bits.

Bit Emote Tiers: Twitch has established different emote tiers based on the number of bits used in a single cheer. For example, a cheer of 1 bit unlocks the lowest tier emote, while a cheer of 10,000 bits unlocks the highest tier emote. Higher-tier emotes are often more visually appealing and are used to recognize significant support from viewers.

Revenue for Streamers: When viewers use bits to cheer, streamers earn revenue from those bits. The revenue earned varies depending on the streamer’s partnership status. Twitch Partners generally receive a higher revenue share compared to Twitch Affiliates.

Custom Cheer Emotes: Streamers have the ability to create custom emotes specifically for cheers. Which is pretty cool! These emotes can be unlocked at different bit thresholds and can be unique to the streamer’s channel, adding a personalized touch to the cheering experience. 🥰

Leaderboards and Badges: Twitch maintains leaderboards that track the top cheerers in a streamer’s channel. This creates a sense of competition and recognition among viewers. Also, viewers who cheer with bits can earn special badges that appear next to their usernames, showcasing their support and loyalty.


When you have merch as a streamer, this can be a very profitable way for you to make money online. It may surprise you how many of your viewers are keen to buy your merch to show they support you!

It’s also a great way to build your own personal brand to stand out.

You don’t necessarily have to wait to be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner to start selling merch. If you have a dedicated fan base and stay active in the Twitch community, you can start selling your own merch.

An example of this is Terrestrial, a Twitch streamer who only had around 450 subscribers when she started selling merch. She has previously shared that her merch makes up a good portion of her monthly income.

This goes to show that if you can engage even a small audience with content they love, you have the potential to start earning.

Selling merch is an awesome side hustle while you focus on streaming and building your audience. And the biggest benefit of having an online merch store is it’s open 24/7.

To start building your store, you can use a platform like Shopify and integrate it with print-on-demand businesses like Printful or Printify.


As of March 2023, Twitch has 8.5 million monthly active streamers. This suggests that many people are having success and earning good money by using the platform.

Businesses and brands will seek out spaces where there is a lot of activity. Particularly if that’s where their target audience is. These businesses approach Twitch streamers with products to promote and endorsements if they think they’re the right fit.

You can also reach out to businesses and brands that you like and would want to promote, once you’ve got an engaged audience. You may get knocked back a few times before you find the right brands to work with, but you won’t know until you reach out to them.

Brands are always looking for new ways to get their products to reach far and wide. And they are finding their footing in the gaming world in an effort to connect with Gen Z audiences, in particular.

You may be wondering if you need millions of followers to land a brand partnership? Nope! Some brands like to invest in budding streamers because it’s more cost effective to work with smaller influencers. And, some businesses want to be involved in a streamer’s growth.


In order to keep your streams flowing and growing, you will need to have some sort of income. And if you don’t want to depend mostly on donations and subscriptions, you can get paid to put ads on your streams. These are generally brief ads that can’t be skipped, but they can be helpful.

To get started with video ads, go to the ‘Ads Incentive‘ in your Dashboard. There you will find some tailored offers. Some examples could be:

  • $100 incentive: Run 2 mins of ads per hour and stream 40 hours this month.
  • $300 incentive: Run 3 mins of ads per hour and stream 40 hours this month.
  • $500 incentive: Run 4 mins of ads per hour and stream 40 hours this month.

We all know that running ads runs the risk of annoying your viewers and can be disruptive to their experience. But most people understand this is a way for content creators to be compensated for their creations.

Thankfully, Twitch has shared different approaches on how you can run ads on your channel. Keep reading to see some of the ways below.

Let your viewers know you’re taking a break: Simply let them know that you’re going to grab a quick drink or snack and will run an ad break. Displaying how frequently and how long an ad break might be is another way to inform your followers.

Run multiple, shorter ad breaks: 1 to 2 minute ad breaks per hour is a good length once you feel more comfortable running ads.

Automate your ad breaks: It can be challenging to manually run ad breaks while also focusing on your stream. To simplify things, use tools like Moobot or Nightbot to run ads on your behalf.


Once you’ve built up an audience on Twitch and have a steady, engaged following, you can branch out to YouTube.

The best way to do this would be by recording your livestreams and uploading them to your YouTube channel. That way, viewers can watch your content without having to be “live” on Twitch. Or, maybe they’re not on Twitch at all and just like to watch your YouTube videos. Then you’re reaching a wider audience outside of Twitch.

You can also monetize your YouTube channel, creating another stream of income. This of course takes time to do, but once you’ve hit 1,000 subscribers you can look at monetization.


Another option to make money using Twitch is to offer coaching services for new Twitch streamers. For example, you can provide your knowledge and expertise on growing a Twitch channel.

Some services you may want to consider offering are:

  • How to set up their profile
  • Graphic design help for panels and banners
  • Merch design advice and help
  • How to set up their merch store

You can offer your service based on everything you’ve learned to do through your own Twitch channel to help newbie Twitch streamers. Using YouTube to create tutorials is a great way to reach new Twitch streamers in need of some guidance.


Using crowdfunding is a popular method for Twitch streamers to generate additional income and support from their community. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to make money on Twitch using crowdfunding:

Choose a Crowdfunding Platform: Select a crowdfunding platform that aligns with your goals and target audience. Platforms like Patreon, Kickstarter and GoFundMe are popular choices for Twitch streamers. Research their features, fee structures and community engagement options to determine which platform best suits your needs.

Set Clear Goals and Rewards: Define the purpose of your crowdfunding campaign and set specific, achievable goals. Whether it’s upgrading equipment, attending gaming events, or launching new content, clearly communicate how the funds will be utilized. Create enticing reward tiers that offer unique benefits to incentivize contributions. Rewards could include access to exclusive content, personalized merchandise or private gaming sessions with you.

Craft a Compelling Campaign: Create an engaging and visually appealing campaign page. Use high-quality images, videos, and a well-written description to effectively convey your goals and why people should support you. Clearly outline the impact their contributions will have and the value they’ll receive from being a part of your community.

Promote Your Campaign: Actively promote your crowdfunding campaign across your Twitch stream, social media platforms and any other relevant channels. Include campaign banners, alerts and donation goals into your stream overlay. Regularly share updates, milestones and progress on your social media accounts to keep your audience engaged and excited about the campaign. When you leverage the power of community interaction and personal connection, this will help to encourage participation.

Engage with Supporters and Show Gratitude: Engage with your supporters by showing genuine appreciation for their contributions. You can offer personalized thank-you messages, recognition during your streams or exclusive perks for top contributors. Maintain regular communication with your community by providing updates on the progress of your campaign and sharing stories of how their support is making a difference.

How Much Money Do Twitch Streamers Make?

Similar to blogging and other online business ventures, the amount of money Twitch streamers earn varies greatly depending on several factors. Things like their viewership, engagement rate, how much time they put into streaming, and monetization strategies. But, there are some general figures that can provide an idea of the earning potential on the platform.

The main sources of income for Twitch streamers are subscriptions, donations, advertising revenue, sponsorships and merchandise sales. Remembering that Twitch takes a percentage of the revenue earned by streamers through each of these methods.

According to a report by Business Insider, top Twitch streamers can earn millions of dollars annually. The report states that the top 10 Twitch streamers in 2020 earned between $1.5 million and $5 million from various sources, including sponsorships, advertisements, and donations.

However, not all streamers make this much money. The vast majority of Twitch streamers earn much less than this, and many do not earn a significant income at all. It takes time, effort and dedication to build a following and create engaging content that resonates with viewers.

New streamers can expect to earn $50 – $200 per month based on 5-10 viewers per stream.

If you consistently produce high-quality content, engage with your audience and make use of a variety of monetization strategies, you can potentially earn a full time income on Twitch. Remember though, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme and success on the platform requires hard work and perseverance. Just like it is with anything else.

How Many Followers Do You Need on Twitch To Make Money?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need a huge sponsored deal or hundreds of thousands of views or subscribers to make money on Twitch.

So, how to make money on Twitch without this?

You can receive donations as a way to make money on Twitch, without having to be an affiliate.

And, as discussed earlier in this post, you can set up your own merchandise when you first start streaming. This way, when you start to grow an audience on Twitch, your viewers can see the products you’re selling. And if they like what they see, then they may purchase from you.



It’s impossible to build a relationship between a streamer and their audience without communication. And people won’t be inclined to subscribe to streamers who don’t engage well with them.

So, it’s important that you pay attention to your viewers. Talk to them, laugh with them, be personable with them. Just like you’re chatting with a friend.

It may look easy seeing streamers talk and game at the same time, but in reality it takes practice and time to get the hang of it.

You’ll have more luck getting and keeping viewers when they find out your stream is fun and entertaining. This draws them in and makes them want to come back for more of your content.

The more streamlined interactions are between you and your viewers, the more subscribers you’re bound to get!


With 8.5 million monthly active streamers, it might feel impossible to stand out. Especially with so many streamers doing the same thing. So, this is where you let your personality shine. There’s only one of you!

You can start by offering challenges to get people interested and excited on your channel. For example, you can use the total number of defeats in your game across the whole stream session to equate to the number of push-ups you have to do live.

Another example is setting a community challenge where you set a goal of a number of points to reach. Once you reach that number in the game, let’s say 10,000 for example, you have to wear an outrageous and hilarious costume for your next stream. You can ask your audience to vote on a costume giving them a few options. This will keep them coming back and want to subscribe for your future stream!

These are fun ways to help you build your audience and provide entertainment and comedy, keeping them engaged and coming back for more.


If you choose games that you genuinely enjoy and are passionate about, this will go a long way. When you’re genuinely excited about the content you’re streaming, it shines through in your energy and enthusiasm, which will attract and captivate viewers.

Streaming games you love gives you the chance to showcase your expertise, provide insightful commentary and offer an authentic experience to your audience.


Networking and collaborating with other streamers can really help you grow your audience. Engage with other streamers in your niche by participating in their streams, hosting them on your channel and collaborating on joint streams.

This can expose your content to their audience and vice versa, providing mutual benefits and potentially expanding your viewer base too!


Utilizing social media platforms to promote and share your Twitch stream can help you reach a tonne of people. For example, I focus on using Pinterest to drive traffic to this blog. But with gaming, you can focus on multiple social media platforms to promote yourself.

Create dedicated accounts or use existing ones to promote your streams, share highlights, engage with followers and inform them about upcoming streams.

Engaging with your social media audience can drive traffic to your Twitch channel and attract new viewers who may be interested in your content.


Establishing a consistent streaming schedule is crucial for building an audience on Twitch. Regularly streaming at predictable times lets viewers know when they can expect your content, making it easier for them to tune in.

Consistency on Twitch helps you build a loyal fan base who can rely on your schedule and be more likely to return for your future streams.

Streaming consistently on Twitch
Source: Twitch

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about how to make money on Twitch. Leave me a comment with any questions you have or anything you want to add. And let me know if you’ve started your streaming career! I’m rooting for you!

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