8 Surprising Ways To Get Paid To Watch Netflix

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Do you want to get paid to watch Netflix from home or from anywhere?

I can see why!

Getting paid to kick back and watch movies doesn’t sound too bad at all…

But it’s important to note that this dream side hustle may not be as easy as it seems.

Truth be told, there are some legitimate ways to get paid to watch Netflix. But they do require a fair bit of work and effort.

If you want the truth about getting paid to watch Netflix, then this post has everything you need to know.

Let’s dive into it.

8 LEGIT Ways To Get Paid To Watch Netflix From Anywhere

Netflix has revolutionized the way we consume entertainment, providing an endless stream of movies, documentaries and series at our fingertips.

And whether you’re a casual viewer or a hardcore binger, there are unique opportunities to earn money this way.

From official roles within the company to creative side hustles. I’ll show you 8 surprising ways to turn your Netflix obsession into a paying gig.

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1. Make Money By Becoming a Netflix Tagger

The best way to get paid to watch Netflix is to become what they call a Netflix ‘tagger’.

The role of a Netflix tagger is an absolute dream job for viewers. They get to directly influence Netflix’s recommendation system.

Taggers are asked to watch a wide variety of content. From the latest blockbuster hits to niche indie films, and assign accurate tags to each piece. These tags range from genre specifics to mood indicators, playing a crucial role in curating personalized viewing experiences for millions of viewers across the globe.

Certain positions are quite specialized, such as the role of a Kids Content Tagger, for example.

Now, getting a position as a tagger means you need to remain vigilant and ready to apply as openings are rare and highly sought after.

If you want to go after this position, you need to regularly check the Netflix job openings page. Have your resume ready to highlight your critical thinking abilities, genre knowledge and any relevant experience in content curation or metadata management.

πŸ’‘HOT TIP: Network with professionals in the industry who can provide valuable insights and potentially alert you to upcoming positions.

πŸ‘‰ HANDY TO KNOW: Having a deep understanding of TV shows or movies and prior analytical experience significantly boosts your chances of being hired. Candidates with a minimum of five years’ experience in the film industry are particularly preferred.

Being a Netflix tagger is about more than just watching TV. It’s about shaping the future of how content is consumed and discovered on one of the world’s largest video streaming platforms.

2. Start a Netflix Review Blog

With millions of people tuning in to Netflix every day, there’s a huge demand for fresh perspectives and insights on what to watch.

I frequently look up reviews to find a good movie or tv show to watch. These have a huge influence on what and how I choose to spend my time with Netflix.

That’s where you come in. By starting a blog and sharing your reviews, you’re not just indulging in your love for Netflix. You’re also tapping into a massive audience hungry for recommendations and analysis.

And yes, you can absolutely make money by doing this!

As your blog gains traction and attracts more readers, you can monetize through advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored content.

Learn more about starting a profitable blog here.

3. Start a YouTube Channel

Let’s look at a couple of different paths you could go down with a YouTube channel and Netflix.

I’ve seen channels where YouTubers solely focuses on movie recaps so you can recap on a movie or show before watching the next one in the series. These are super popular and help viewers remember what happened in a show or movie they previously watched, before they move on with a new release.

Another way to get lots of viewers on your channel is by reviewing Netflix shows and movies. You can pick a niche which could be reviewing new releases, analyzing classic films or talking about specific genres.

πŸ’‘HOT TIP: To help stand out and rise above the competition, you should target a smaller sub-niche audience within the mainstream popular ones like comedy, romance, sci-fi etc.

πŸ‘‰ FINDING A NICHE AUDIENCE: Search subreddits on Reddit, explore forums and message boards, social media groups, specialized websites, other YouTube channels, podcasts and streaming platforms to find your niche audience.

4. Social Media Influencer

Becoming a social media influencer and getting paid to watch Netflix is an exciting opportunity! Especially if you’re super passionate about entertainment and storytelling.

Here’s how you can get started:

You first need to establish your presence on social media platforms where you can share your insights and recommendations about Netflix content. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok are your best options for sharing this type of content and building your audience.

Next, it’s time to focus on creating engaging and valuable content that resonates with your audience. This can include reviews, reactions, recommendations, behind-the-scenes insights, or even creative interpretations of your favorite shows and movies.

πŸ’‘HOT TIP: Use your unique voice and perspective to stand out in a crowded space.

While you’re gaining more followers and focusing on engagement, reach out to Netflix-related brands, entertainment companies, or influencer agencies to find potential collabs.

Once you’re getting partnerships with brands, you can earn money in various ways. You can get paid for sponsored content, affiliate marketing, brand partnerships and product placements.

Remember to always make sure you disclose any sponsored content. This is important to maintain transparency with your audience and stay within the social media platforms’ guidelines.

Consistency, authenticity and quality content are key to success as a social media influencer.

By sharing your love for Netflix in creative and engaging ways, you can turn your passion into a profitable venture!

5. Become a Podcaster

Imagine getting paid to chat about your favorite Netflix shows every day?

If this sounds like something you’d love, read on to find out how to get started.

First things first, figure out what makes your Netflix obsession unique. Are you all about dissecting the latest releases, diving deep into classic films, or maybe you’re passionate about a specific genre like sci-fi or romance?

Finding your niche will help you stand out and attract listeners who are just as passionate about Netflix as you are.

Next, get your podcast up and running. And don’t worry, you don’t need fancy equipment to start – just a decent microphone and some recording software will be fine.

Then, brainstorm some killer episode ideas that’ll keep your audience hooked. Think reviews, discussions, interviews – anything that’ll spark conversation and keep people coming back for more.

Now, it’s time to promote. Promote your podcast on social media, reach out to other podcasters for collaborations, and most importantly, engage with your listeners. Once you’ve got a solid following, start looking for sponsorship opportunities. Hit up companies related to the entertainment industry and pitch them your podcast.

And of course, don’t forget about listener support! Setting up a Patreon or something similar can be a great way to get your audience involved and earn some extra cash.

6. Market Research Participation

You can also get paid to watch Netflix by taking part in market research.

Let me show you how.

First off, search online job boards or sign up for market research panels that focus on media and entertainment. Here are some companies that you can check out:

Start by signing up to and/or applying to these companies or panels.

Usually, you’ll need to fill out a profile or survey to provide some basic info about yourself, including your viewing habits, preferences and demographics. Based on your profile, you may be selected to participate in specific studies or focus groups related to Netflix content.

The great thing about participating in market research is that it’s flexible and convenient. My husband and I have participated in many studies before and they pay you in cash or gift cards which you can spend however you please.

7. Become a VA – Explained!

Now you may be wondering how on earth a virtual assistant is connected to making money with Netflix!

Let me explain…

Some people hire virtual assistants to manage their Netflix accounts, create watchlists, and curate content based on their preferences.

Yep, it’s true!

As this is a very niche specific type of service, you have more chance in being successful selling these types of services to those who seek them.

Firstly, you will need to develop the relevant skills. So, get yourself up to speed with all things Netflix. Study the platform, its interface and features. Then, hone your organizational skills, attention to detail and ability to understand and anticipate someone’s preferences.

Secondly, market yourself. Create a professional online presence through platforms like LinkedIn, freelance marketplaces or your own website. Highlight your skills, experience and expertise in managing digital content and subscriptions.

Then, network and reach out to potential clients you think could benefit from these services. Who is your ideal client? Busy people who have the money to spend on this service!

Where to find them? Here are some places I recommend searching:

  • Facebook groups
  • Freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer
  • Social media
  • Networking events
  • Referrals
  • Cold outreach to businesses and individuals

8. Become an Affiliate

Even some die-hard Netflix fans may not be aware that Netflix once had an affiliate program.

Back in the day, before Netflix became the streaming giant it is today, they utilized affiliate marketing as a strategy for expansion.

What made it even sweeter was their generous commission structure. Affiliates could rake in anywhere from $10 to $25 for each successful free trial conversion.

Sadly, Netflix eventually decided to pull the plug on the program, as it grew so big it no longer needed affiliates to market for them.

Now here’s the good news!

There are other streaming platforms that do have an affiliate program that you can promote and get paid for.

You can look into the following affiliate programs to join and start earning extra money with:

Final Words

I hope this post has helped you become a little clearer on ways to get paid to watch Netflix.

As you can see, it’ll take some work and some effort on your part if you really want to earn money this way.

It really depends where your strengths and interests lie on which route to take. Personally, I would start a blog because of the low costs in getting started.

Whichever route you do or don’t decide to take, let me know in the comments how successful you were! I’d love to hear how your new venture is coming along.

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