25 Easy Christmas Craft and Gift Ideas For Adults

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The festive season is upon us, and there’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit than by getting crafty and creative!

Not only does it help our wallets but there’s something about gifting things you’ve put the time, thought and effort into that hits different to something you’ve bought from a generic store. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

But if you’re looking to add a personal touch to your decorations or searching for the perfect handmade gifts, this post has it covered!

Today I’m going to unwrap 25 delightful and EASY to make Christmas craft and gift ideas. No need to stress over complicated projects or extravagant expenses! I’ve got your back with projects that are not only simple but also loads of fun.

So gather your craft supplies and join me as we jump aboard the festive train filled with creativity, warmth and the joy of giving. And it doesn’t matter if you’re not a seasoned DIY aficionado! If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of crafting, this post has something for everyone.

Let’s spread holiday cheer one craft at a time!

Ready? Let’s go!


The best thing about DIY Christmas crafts and gifts when you’re on a budget is that they allow you to celebrate the holiday season with creativity, thoughtfulness and a personal touch – without breaking the bank.

And since this blog is all about budgeting and finding clever ways to save money, I knew I had to put together a post like this one.

The truth is that you don’t need to spend a lot to give someone a great gift. Especially with all the DIY Christmas dollar store crafts and decor ideas to try for the holiday season.

A lot of people are on a tight budget around this time of year, so if you’re looking for affordable DIY decorations, crafts or frugal gift ideas for Christmas, then I highly recommend visiting your local dollar store. They have a variety of craft supplies that you can easily pick up on a budget to take home and start crafting ideas.


The dollar store can be a treasure trove for budget conscious DIY enthusiasts looking for affordable craft supplies. Not everyone has the means to buy expensive craft decorations, and that’s where you can use the Dollar Store to achieve certain looks for less.

Christmas is sneaking up on us, and you won’t believe what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been totally HOOKED on Pinterest, hunting for dollar store craft ideas to spruce up the holidays. Seriously, I’ve scrolled through countless pages, and I’m LOVING what I’m seeing. I’ve stumbled upon some awesome crafty bloggers who sure know how to rock those DIY Christmas crafts. And I’m itching to share their amazing work with you!

The coolest thing about these projects is that they won’t break the bank – we’re talking between $5 and $15 tops, and they’re quick to whip up. But hold on, I’ve got a little trick up my sleeve to spill before we dive into it all.

Want to know how you can snag your supplies from the Dollar Store without spending a dime? Let me show you exactly how!


Before we get stuck into the fun crafts ahead, I want to help you even more in the budget department! To do this I’m going to reveal the best ways you can get money for free, yes free, so you can use it to spend on your craft supplies.

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Now, let’s take a look at the best DIY Christmas Craft and Gift ideas for adults.

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Source: Modern Masters Cafe

These DIY Christmas luminary jars have a special charm that both creators and recipients can appreciate. What I love about them is the fact that you can upcycle those mason jars you have lying around the place, or you can easily purchase them in bulk from Walmart or your local dollar store.

This craft is an absolute hit and seriously easy to put together! All you’ll need is some paint, Christmas stencils, Christmas bells, ribbon and some tealight candles. Once you’ve painted your mason jars, you can pop in a few decorations (make sure that they’re heat proof!), and brace yourself for the joyous grins that’ll light up the room. This is a super thoughtful way to give a gift for the holiday season.


Source: Hunny I’m Home

I immediately liked these jars and the idea of them! So cute and what an easy and thoughtful way to give someone a gift this Christmas. Especially if they absolutely love popcorn! This is another incredibly simple-to-put-together gift where you only need your jar, popping corn and a cute gift card on some Christmas ribbon. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

This particular gift could be a fantastic gift for school teachers, neighbors, work colleagues but really for anyone who likes popcorn! So grab your jars and popping corn and get cracking with this adorable gift idea.


Source: Savvy Honey

These mugs are always a hit to give at Christmas time. And you can fill them with whatever treats you like. Some ideas can be Christmas socks, candy-canes, individually wrapped cookies, chocolate bars, hot cocoa sachets or other yummy flavored drink sachets. All you need to do is grab some festive mugs, fill them with whatever goodies you want and gift away!

Another easy yet cute way to give gifts this Christmas, without spending too much. That’s a big yes from me!


Source: Glitter on a Dime

Get ready to deck your door with this wonderfully creative DIY Christmas Wreath that’s bound to bring cheer this holiday season. Crafting this wreath will be so enjoyable and will be something you can use year in year out.

You can easily snag most of the materials from your friendly neighborhood Dollar Store or Walmart. Just grab a plain wreath like this one here. Next, start decorating! You can use a hot glue gun to attach the decorations, and tie some festive burlap ribbon for the finishing touches. What a super easy and beautiful Christmas wreath made with love πŸŽ„


Source: Jennifer Maker

This adorable snowman not only looks cute and festive, he’s ridiculously cheap and easy to make. This project will cost you under $10. And even if you don’t consider yourself crafty, this is something that pretty much anyone can put together themselves. So channel your inner crafter and give this project a go! Impress your friends and family when they ask “oh this is cute, where did you get it?” To which you can reply “oh thanks, I made it myself” 😊


Source: Hoosier Homemade

A DIY Grinch Christmas tree decoration can bring some serious cheer by injecting a whimsical and mischievous spirit into your holiday festivities!

Crafting this cheeky character yourself not only adds a personal touch to your decorations but also sparks creativity and fun. You’ll need a few materials like clear glass disc ornaments, some polycrylic for coating, a small funnel, fine green glitter, silicone squeeze bottle, paper cups or egg carton and some Grinch stickers for ornaments.

This beloved and iconic character serves as a reminder to embrace the playful side of the season, making your Christmas celebrations all the more memorable and heartwarming.


Source: Homemade Heather

Oh my reindeer! How cute is this DIY Christmas mason jar! This gift is sure to put a smile on the lucky recipient’s face.

As you can see from the picture, you don’t need too many materials to make these gorgeous jars. Just grab some wide mouth mason jars, brown paint, googly eyes, pom pom nose, some felt for the ears, pipe cleaners, and some yummy treats to fill the jar.

These would make such an awesome gift for teachers, neighbors, friends and family at Christmas time. So get your supplies ready and start crafting these sweet reindeer jars.


Source: The Crazy Craft Lady

What I love most about this craft project is how many you can make from a single box of Jenga blocks! There are 54 blocks in a set so you could get 13 ornaments out of just one pack.

And all you really need is the blocks, some paint, card paper and some ribbon. These are such a cool DIY Christmas ornament project you can get stuck into this holiday season. You can even get the kids involved with painting the blocks for some extra help.


Source: Thrifted Nest

This gorgeous DIY Christmas tree deserves a medal! Not only does it look incredibly pretty and festive, it is truly affordable to make.

For this project you will need no more than around 7 things to put together this wonderful tree. These would make a wonderful gift for someone or a table decoration for the office or home.


Source: The Country Chic Cottage

Illuminate your evenings with this adorable holiday decor sign! Don’t forget to whip up a few extras for your friends, they’re bound to adore this charming tree design too!

If you have a cricut machine then this will help with cutting out the letters. A cricut machine is an investment for the hardcore crafters out there who will get a lot of good use out of using one. Otherwise, you could use a stencil and hand cut the letters and shapes yourself. Either way, this is such a great DIY outdoor Christmas decoration you can whip out every year.


Source: Living Locurto

These cute little guys require just a few supplies and are easy as pie to make in around 10 minutes.

You’ll just need some fuzzy Christmas socks, a mason jar or similar, craft fur, a round wooden ball, candy to fill the jar, some pipe cleaners, hot glue gun and scissors. It’s too easy to make these cute Christmas gnomes!


Source: Completely Delicious

I instantly fell in love with the idea of these incredible and unique tree ornament ideas! Not only will they have your house smelling oh-so-Christmassy, they are, you guessed it, EASY as can be.

All you need is cinnamon, applesauce, string and a cookie cutter. That’s it! These make a FAB Christmas gift as well as hanging them around the home for a pleasant seasonal scent. These are a MUST TRY!

Tip: you can grab cinnamon in bags in bulk from the dollar store or Amazon.


Source: First Home Love Life

Forget spending $10 on a single cupcake ornament alone in store! The best and most beautiful ones are the ones made at home with love. And, of course, that you can do for half the price.

The best part about these is you may already have most of the items lying around to use. And if not, visit your local dollar store which will have everything you need to make these. You’ll need baking cups, Christmas ball ornaments, white paint and paint brush, glitter, red craft pom pom, matchstick and some glue. Too easy and so pretty!


Source: Pixie Dust and Posies

These Mickey lollipop ornaments would make a lovely gift and look so gorgeous on the Christmas tree. All you need is red and white polymer clay, a little piece of wire, a lollipop stick, and a bit of ribbon.

You could easily make a bunch of these and gift them to someone as a packaged tree decorations pack. Enjoy making these decorations!


Source: The Handyman’s Daughter

Have you recently snagged a free Starbucks drink?

Toast that victory by turning your cup into a stylish Christmas ornament! With only white craft paint from the dollar store and a bit of spare cardboard, recreate the iconic ‘frappuccino effect.’ It’s a festive keepsake that’ll fondly remind you of your caffeine conquest!

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Source: Kara Creates

Don’t spend money on tacky looking Christmas bags, make your own adorable reindeer bags!

I absolutely adore these bags and they’re cheap as chips to put together. These would make a brilliant gift for co-workers, teachers and adults and kids alike. Crafts like these prove just how easy it is to put together your own DIY crafts that will win over anyone lucky enough to receive one!

So get cracking and give these adorable reindeer bags a try.


Source: A Pumpkin & a Princess

What a beautiful DIY piece for your mantel, festive table or even your front porch. These gorgeous mason jars are a simple but fabulous Christmas ornament or gift for family and friends. You can pop a little battery-operated tealight candle to bring these to life and put on a beautiful display around the home.


Source: Amanda Katherine

An icicle tree decoration adds a touch of enchantment to your holiday decor. These beauties will capture the timeless beauty of glistening icicles, infusing your space with elegance and simplicity.

Crafted affordably, the way these are formed are nothing short of genius! You can make roughly 18 icicles from a $4 box of Borax. It doesn’t get any more frugal than that!

All round, DIY icicle decorations offer a nostalgic, unique and timeless appeal that will enhance your festive ambiance.


Source: The Happier Homemaker

This wreath is exceptionally cool because it combines festive charm with creativity. Crafted from a medley of beautiful ornaments, it transforms your door or wall into a holiday spectacle. It’s a customizable project, allowing you to choose the colors, sizes and textures of baubles to match your decor style.

It’s also a budget-friendly option. Crafting this wreath is not only a delightful way to bring in the holiday spirit but also a testament to your personal touch and imaginative flair, making your home radiate warmth and cheer throughout the season.


Source: One Little Project

These popsicle stick Christmas tree ornaments are an absolute blast! I’m a huge fan of festive projects that let you deck out a tree, and this one fits the bill perfectly. You start by crafting the outlines using popsicle sticks. Then, you get to go all out with your decorations, making them uniquely your own. Another awesome, fun and inexpensive craft to do during the silly season.


Source: Country Hill Cottage

Impress your guests at Christmas time with these lovely hand-made peppermint soaps! This is another great gift idea too!


Source: Smart School House

This paper plate craft is SUPER easy and SUPER cool! They look seriously fab, and cost pennies to put together. Grab your plates, some paint, cellophane, glue and wooden dowels and you’re good to go!


Source: Sustain My Craft Habit

Transform a simple glass jar into a Christmassy reusable soap dispenser this Christmas! What an easy and fun way to bring festive cheer to your bathroom. Your house guests will be super impressed and love the finishing touches you’ve created.


Source: The Links Site

I’m sure by now you can see that it doesn’t take much to create awesome Christmas gifts and decorations yourself. These beautiful paper Christmas tree decorations are incredibly easy to make, look wonderful, and all you need is some colored paper, string and supplies like glue, pencil, scissors, double sided tape, staples and a ruler to put them together. Easy peasy!


Source: Creative Green Living

Christmas bath fizzers make a wonderfully thoughtful gift for someone. These are fun to make and you might want to grab a friend to do them with to make it even more enjoyable.


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I really hope you enjoyed this post and that it sparked some inspo and creativity! Please make sure you let me know in the comments if you tried any of these ideas! πŸ™‚

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