Best Delivery Apps To Make Money in 2024!

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Best Delivery Apps To Make Money

While there are a ton of amazing ways to make extra money these days, the delivery service industry is definitely one worth taking notice of.

As the demand for on-demand delivery services continues to grow, so do the number of opportunities to make money with delivery apps. And while some delivery apps are better suited for full-time work, others offer a great way to make some extra cash on the side.

Working in the delivery services industry certainly has its perks!

For one, you get to meet a lot of different people. You also get to see different parts of town, and you get a lot of exercise.

Another great thing about working in the delivery services industry is that you can usually set your own hours. This can be a great perk if you have a family or other commitments that you need to juggle. You can also make decent money, as well as getting to keep your tips.

Overall, working in the delivery services industry can be a great way to make some extra money and get some exercise. And if you’re looking for a flexible job that you can do on your own time, this may be the perfect option for you.

To help you decide which delivery app is right for you, I’ve put together a list of 14 best delivery apps to make money for you to consider today.

So are you ready to find the best delivery apps to make money? Whether as a side hustle or full-time gig, you could be earning some decent cash with these apps right away!

Now, let’s get started.

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DoorDash is one of the most popular food delivery apps and is available in more than 4,000 cities and six countries.

With DoorDash, you can choose to deliver food by car, bike or scooter. Payments are made weekly via direct deposit, and you can earn up to $25 per hour.

With millions of customers opening up and using the DoorDash app, it’s a great opportunity for people to earn some extra cash.

Which countries does DoorDash operate in?

DoorDash is currently available to use in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Japan. There are over 1 million ‘Dashers’ globally and they continue to expand.

Here are some pros and cons of working with DoorDash:


  • Earnings are based on a per-delivery basis, so you can make a good hourly rate if you’re efficient
  • Can deliver by car, bike or scooter
  • Available in lots of cities
  • Weekly pay


  • You have to pay for your own gas and car expenses
  • There is a delivery fee that goes to the app, so you may not earn as much per delivery


Second of the best delivery apps to make money is Grubhub. After conducting further research, I discovered that Grubhub doesn’t follow an hourly pay structure. Instead, its payment model goes like this:

Delivery pay + Grubhub contribution + Tips + Grubhub’s mission and special offers = Your Total Pay

The delivery pay includes a combination of base pay and applicable bonuses. It considers factors such as mileage, time spent delivering, the local market and delivery type.

Grubhub contribution is the company’s initiative to ensure that drivers earn the minimum rate even on slow days. This is a great feature to have in a side gig where the company looks out for its contractors.

Tips are of course the money that customers give you to show their appreciation for your service. And you get to keep all of them!

Mission and special offers are available on Grubhub to allow drivers to earn more by completing a certain number of orders (eg. 4 or more) or consecutive orders (eg. 20 orders).

When it comes to payment, drivers can choose the direct deposit option, with earnings sent to their bank account every Thursday. There is also an instant cash-out option available, with a cap of $500 per day.

Pros: Grubhub ensures that its drivers earn at least the minimum wage.

Cons: You may get slow days with Grubhub, meaning the fluctuation in the number of orders may lower your daily income.


What’s the rule about only installing one delivery app on your phone? None! Actually, the best way to maximize your earnings is to use multiple apps at the same time.

There is often a collaboration between Uber Eats, DoorDash and Grubhub. You can, however, drive passengers for Uber (ridesharing) or deliver food to restaurants.

Getting pizzas and burgers delivered doesn’t even require you to own a car. It’s easy to make deliveries with your legs, a scooter, or even a bike. Is that not a great way to make money walking?

Now, lets take a look at the different ways to deliver and what’s required for each of them below.

Delivery Using a Car

You need to be at least 19 years old to be able to deliver with a car. The vehicle should be a 2-door or 4-door vehicle. You’ll need to provide a copy of your Social Security number for background checking.

Delivery Using a Scooter

Scooter drivers also need to be at least 19 years old. The scooter used should be under 50cc. And the same applies for background checks so a Social Security number will need to be provided. When you go to sign up, make sure you choose the option ‘Delivery by scooter’.

Delivery By Bicycle or on Foot

Delivery apps such as Uber Eats are popular among bikers. The minimum age for this category is 18 years old. The applicant will need to present his or her Social Security number as well as a government-issued ID.

Uber Eats is the go-to delivery app for bikers. Riders for this category here should be 18 years old. They should present their Social Security number and a government-issued ID. Upon signing up, make sure you choose the right transportation method.

Pros: Drivers are able to do both Uber Eats and Uber rideshare. They can switch when one isn’t receiving as many orders or passengers.

Cons: Your pay may not be as high compared to other delivery apps since Uber has a large amount of drivers.


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t order from Amazon. Even Grandma probably does!

We all do it for its convenience, reviews and of course for the abundance of products.

There’s obviously a huge amount of Amazon visitors every single day. And it’s a great opportunity to become a package deliverer in your local area. You don’t even need to deal with the customers, just deliver!

So what is the Amazon Flex program?

It’s a program offered by Amazon that allows you to earn money by delivering packages using your own vehicle. Here’s an explanation of what Amazon Flex is and how you can use it to make money.

To get started with Amazon Flex, you need to sign up as a driver on their website or through the Amazon Flex app. You’ll need to be at least 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license and own a smartphone.

What are Delivery Blocks?

Once you’re approved as an Amazon Flex driver, you can select delivery blocks. These are predetermined time slots for when you’ll be responsible for delivering packages. Delivery blocks typically range from 2 to 6 hours, and you can choose the ones that fit your schedule. You’ll earn $18 – $25 per hour.

You can find blocks in the app under the ‘Upcoming Offers’ in the Amazon Flex Schedule screen. If you find an offer that suits you, just tap on the offer to book it in.

Now let’s look at the most popular types of delivery blocks.

Packages – You collect the packages at a particular delivery station and deliver them to customers. The average time block for these are around 3 to 6 hours.

Store orders – The packages are located in local stores. The time block is 2 to 4 hours.

Prime Now – This service is the fastest delivery service offered by Amazon. This is also a very competitive block so it’s very time-critical. This time block is around 2 to 4 hours.

Pros: There’s usually plenty of work to do, especially if you live in a busy city like Boston or New York. It pays twice a week too.

Cons: It can be hard sometimes to navigate your way around. If you’re new to delivering, you may have a hard time at first trying to find certain places.


Moving onto number 5 of the best delivery apps to make money is Instacart. This is a good option if you live near a grocery store and delivering items isn’t an issue. The convenience it offers to its users makes it a popular app.

Grocery shoppers can purchase their regular weekly grocery items online through the app. As the pandemic reached its peak, the convenience of having such a feature was highlighted. People were still ordering groceries online when things returned to normal, since it saves them time from going to the store.

Instacart has the advantage where users can purchase products online and have them delivered on the same day. Personal shoppers pick up their groceries and deliver straight to their door.

Becoming a personal shopper is how you can get paid.

Let’s take a look at the requirements to apply for this position:

  • Ownership or access to a vehicle
  • At least 18 years old
  • Eligible to work in the United States
  • Access to a smartphone with the Instacart app
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs with or without help

That last point is required because you’ll be carrying heavy shopping bags from the store to your car. To avoid injury and damage to the goods, being able to meet that requirement will help prevent this.

How much does Instacart pay you? The pay varies for this particular position. For example, you could earn at least $5 for delivery only. And if you complete the shop and delivery service, you can be paid around $7 to $10.

Pros: Their website mentions that they provide delivery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is perfect if you’re looking to work early in the morning or late at night.

Cons: There will be a lot of physical labor involved in this job. Carrying heavy bags may not be something you want to do all the time.

More of the Best Delivery Apps To Make Money:


Shipt is a great app for people who like to be on the go and get moving.

Just like Instacart and Gopuff (more on Gopuff below), Shipt is an on-demand grocery delivery service. Shipt hires people to become shoppers and pays them to deliver groceries from local grocers straight to the customers.

When working with Shipt, you can choose which area specifically you’d like to shop in. So, if you’re familiar with a certain place where you can find everything easily, you can be a shopper for that area. The faster you can complete jobs, the more money you can make.

So how much can you earn with Shipt? You can expect to get at least $16 per hour. And, if you live in a larger city, you can earn up to $27 per hour. Using the app makes life easier as all the payment and order details are synchronized in there.

With Shipt, you can pick your own hours and either accept or decline jobs depending on when it suits you. And with that said, the more you use the app and are online, the more orders you can pick up – and the more money you can make.

Pros: You can choose what hours you want to work each day. There are no limitations on how many hours you can work.

Cons: You won’t find Shipt in a lot of cities. So, in some places where you do find it, there can be a lot of competition.


Similar to Instacart, where you can be a full-service shopper (not just deliver food), Deliv also offers this. There is high demand for store shoppers in the suburbs as well as city locations, so Deliv can offer jobs delivering just about anything in your area.

So how does Deliv work? It works about the same as if you were delivering restaurant meals through a food delivery app. So, you download the app, work out what hours you can work and choose the jobs you want.

Some jobs you can expect are things like picking up dry cleaning or pharmacy goods. You might also pick up bouquets or gift hampers and deliver them in your local area.

All you need to do is collect customer orders and deliver to them. It’s also not as critical to have to work during peak times to earn more.

Here are the requirements for working with Deliv:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • A smartphone with a data plan
  • Access to a car (2004 or newer)
  • Valid driver’s license and insurance
  • At least one year of year of driving experience
  • Be able to lift up to 50 lbs
  • Speak fluent English

Currently, Deliv only have on-foot delivery options in Manhattan.

Pros: Flexible schedule, variety of delivery options, weekly pay.

Cons: Limited coverage areas and can be competitive.


Gopuff offers a convenient solution for purchasing groceries, alcohol and home essentials, with the added benefit of same-day delivery. With a vast network of fulfillment centers, the company has successfully employed thousands of delivery riders to ensure efficient and timely service.

Whether you’re looking for full-time or part-time work, you could do either with Gopuff.

If you love flexibility and prefer working alone, you have the advantage of delivering according to your own schedule. Whether it’s through on-demand deliveries or pre-arranged delivery blocks.

Gopuff drivers are responsible for monitoring incoming orders, collecting the items from nearby Gopuff fulfillment centers and ensuring timely deliveries. To streamline the process, the company provides the Gopuff Driver app, which facilitates and simplifies the tasks for their riders. The app allows them to:

  • Manage their work schedules
  • Request support if they need
  • Receive and deliver orders
  • Keep track of their earnings

The requirements to being a Gopuff driver are:

  • Background check
  • Access to a vehicle
  • Owning a smartphone
  • Submit a vehicle record
  • At least 21 years of age
  • A valid US driver’s license
  • Has the insurance under their name
  • Available and willing to go through and pass a pre-paid alcohol delivery training course

Pros: Gopuff provides incentives to its delivery partners, offering additional earning potential beyond their hourly wage and tips.

Cons: Currently, there is no option to decline orders. You may want the option to decline at times like when a delivery location is too far, for example.


Favor excels in speed and efficiency, ensuring that food or items are delivered in under an hour. It is a delivery app that takes pride in its swift service. With Favor, you have the convenience of ordering food, drinks, and even essential home items all through the app.

While the primary limitation of this app is its exclusive delivery service limited to cities within the Lone Star State (Texas), there is a silver lining. The app is rapidly expanding its reach and may soon become accessible in additional cities in the near future.

Interestingly, Favor prefers to refer to their delivery team as “runners” rather than drivers. This is because, in addition to transportation and deliveries, Favor runners go the extra mile by assisting clients with their personal tasks. Beyond driving and delivering, they may help with errands like collecting clothes from stores or dropping off garments at the dry cleaners.

Favor offers several enticing advantages to encourage users to utilize their app. While the regular delivery fee stands at $6, they frequently run promotions that can significantly reduce it to a range of $1 to $3. This substantial benefit sets Favor apart from other delivery apps, which often have higher delivery fees.

Setting itself apart from the majority of delivery companies, Favor does not impose any specific vehicle requirements on its runners. Delivery can be conducted using cars, trucks, scooters, or motorcycles. In fact, there is even a designated bike zone in downtown Austin, where exclusively bike deliveries are permitted.

They are, however, very strict with their entire background checks. They look at the following offenses:

  • Assault and battery charges
  • Theft and property damages
  • Sexual offense and harassment
  • Moving violations in the last 3 years
  • Major traffic citations in the last 3 years
  • Felonies and misdemeanors within the last 7 years
  • Records of DUI, DWI, and reckless driving in the last 7 years

Favor ensures a smooth onboarding process for its Runners by including an online orientation as a requirement. This orientation aids in providing valuable guidance and support to the runners.

Pros: Favor stands out from other delivery apps due to its swift recruitment process, ensuring a quick onboarding experience. They also provide incentives to drivers upon completing as few as 10 deliveries.

Cons: Favor is currently only available in Texas.


Having a pick-up truck or van comes with its advantages, especially when it comes to transporting large items like furniture and appliances without the hassle of renting a vehicle. This is where GoShare comes in. They specialize in connecting consumers and businesses with truck owners and play a crucial role in fulfilling these needs.

GoShare’s main focus is to help retailers and furniture businesses deliver bulk goods by connecting them with drivers who own trucks, cars or vans. This unique service allows delivery riders to earn money while utilizing their own vehicles.

Although GoShare serves specific industries, similar to other delivery companies, drivers are responsible for covering expenses such as gas and car repairs. As these costs are not reimbursed by the company.

The benefit for riders is that they have the freedom to choose from a wide range of delivery jobs. GoShare hires drivers with various vehicles from full-sized cargo vans to regular cars. This makes it possible to take on different types of delivery tasks.

Drivers with SUVs can opt for lighter deliveries, such as small couches or nightstands, still earning a decent income without overloading their vehicles.

On the other hand, owners of cargo vans can accept jobs involving bulk items. Things like assisting clients in moving furniture and appliances to a new home. And due to their ability to handle larger quantities, these drivers can potentially earn higher income.

Now in terms of how much you can earn, it will depend on the vehicle you use.

Pickup Truck – Earn an average of $46 to $52 per hour.

Full-sized Cargo Van – Earn an average of $63 to $71 per hour.

Box Truck – Earn an average of $85 per hour.

Cars, SUVs, Minivans – Earn an average of $33 per hour.

Helping with heavy lifting can be a rewarding side hustle, particularly for those who are looking to leverage their strength and get paid.

Pros: Delivering for GoShare offers good money, making it a lucrative opportunity. Despite the physical exertion involved in handling heavy items, the payment structure makes it worthwhile.

Cons: The delivery service has specific vehicle requirements and the order volume on this platform is not as high as other mentioned apps.


Dolly calls its drivers “Hands and Helpers,” with each role serving specific functions. While working with Dolly, you can expect substantial physical labor, as the focus is on furniture deliveries rather than food or drinks.

In addition to transferring furniture, Dolly drivers assist clients with apartment moves, which involves lifting and transporting heavy items. This often includes navigating stairs and loading/unloading belongings from trucks to apartments or storage units.

Having physical fitness and experience in handling heavy objects will be an advantage when working with Dolly.

Dolly Helpers are individuals who own vehicles for transportation and offer additional services. While Dolly Hands collaborate with Helpers to deliver items and assist with carrying items for customers. According to Dolly’s website, Helpers earn an average of $50 per hour, while Hands make $35 per hour.

Payments for both Helpers and Hands are processed through Paypal, ensuring timely and convenient transactions. Also, Dolly makes sure drivers receive payment twice a week.

Top-performing Helpers have the potential to consistently earn over $700 per week, making it an attractive side gig!

Pros: A major pro is that when you’re part of Dolly Hands, you don’t need a vehicle to earn. It pays pretty well considering you’re helping to carry items and deliver them.

Cons: Dolly is still in its growth stage, so for now the opportunities are limited.


Roadie, a subsidiary of UPS, offers a unique opportunity to earn money by delivering packages. This “on the way” delivery service allows drivers to receive compensation for picking up and delivering packages that align with their existing routes.

Their tagline for drivers is “Get paid to drive, your way.”

Roadie drivers have the advantage of earning money while embarking on road trips they were already planning. The additional income can help cover gas expenses.

Drivers have the flexibility to accept deliveries that span across states. For instance, if you’re driving from LA to Las Vegas, you can accept a delivery for someone who needs their items transported to Las Vegas.

With this app, you’re essentially accomplishing two goals simultaneously – reaching your destination while earning money by delivering an item.

Becoming a Roadie driver involves four main steps:

1. Choose your gig:

  • Select deliveries that fit your schedule, with the potential to earn up to $13 per trip for local drives
  • You’ll review details such as item size, pickup and drop-off instructions, and other pertinent information.

2. Get matched:

  • Offer your availability for gigs on the Roadie platform.
  • Gigs can involve single or multiple deliveries, and you’ll see them represented as pins on the map.
  • By tapping on a pin, you can access all the necessary details about the gig, including item quantity, weight, dimensions, etc.
  • If interested, you can submit an offer to let Roadie know you’re available.

3. You’re in control:

The Roadie mobile app provides helpful features such as turn-by-turn navigation, 24/7 support, easy contact with senders or recipients, and more.

4. Track your earnings:

  • Roadie drivers typically earn between $13 for small items and up to $650 for oversized items.
  • You have the option to choose weekly deposits or instant cash-outs for your earnings.

Pros: You can earn some money while en route to your destination. It serves as an excellent side job as it only adds an extra 15-30 minutes to your trip.

Cons: There are no incentives and no insurance coverage. Volume also isn’t as high as food delivery apps.


Saucey specializes in delivering one of life’s great pleasures – alcohol – rather than food.

Originating in 2013, this popular alcohol delivery service initially operated in cities such as Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco and Chicago. Now, Saucey has expanded its reach and serves over 40 cities including notable locations like New York City, Boston, and Houston.

Saucey customers have access to an extensive selection of high-quality Tequila, Whiskey, Vodka, Wine and Beer. Whether it’s for a special event or a relaxing evening, the app caters to all drink preferences.

As a Saucey courier, you can expect to earn an average hourly wage ranging from $10 to $18. Similar to Grubhub, couriers use a time block system to manage their delivery schedules. This ensures the company maintains an appropriate number of couriers for efficient drink deliveries at any given time.

Couriers have reported you can earn approximately $5 per delivery, with an additional 50 cents awarded for each item successfully delivered. For example, if a customer orders five items and you fulfill the delivery, you can anticipate receiving around $7.50, in addition to 100% of the tip provided by the customer.

Pros: Many people consider it a fun side gig, and since you’re only picking up drinks, there’s usually no need to wait long at the store.

Cons: While most delivery apps operate 24/7 or align their hours with their retail partners’ schedules, Saucey has specific opening and closing hours for its services.


Last but not least of the best delivery apps to make money is Bite Squad. This is a restaurant delivery service available in over 200 cities across Arkansas, Florida, Hawaii, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

Similar to popular apps like DoorDash, Bite Squad offers competitive rates for drivers.

As an independent contractor with Bite Squad, you have the flexibility to choose the number of orders you want to fulfill and can cash out your earnings at any time. You have the freedom to set your working hours, accept deliveries within that timeframe and complete them at your convenience.

Moreover, Bite Squad provides additional benefits such as discounts at Jiffy Lube, Verizon, Goodyear, PerkSpot and O’Reilly Auto Parts.

On average, Bite Squad drivers earn between $15 and $24 per hour, although actual earnings may vary depending on your location. You receive a base fee for each order, in addition to tips and the potential for increased earnings during busy times. Bite Squad also offers referral and activation bonuses to further boost your earnings.

The requirements for Bite Squad are:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Access to a reliable vehicle
  • Drivers license and car insurance
  • Clean driving record
  • Smartphone
  • Social Security Number
  • Background check

Pros: Guaranteed hourly pay amount for the lunch and dinner rush. Drivers schedule their hours in advance so you can plan out your week.

Cons: Some drivers have reported poor communication through the app as well as sometimes having to work longer than their scheduled block.



Having covered the best delivery apps to make money, it’s time to address the burning question on your mind: Which app offers the highest pay? The clear winner in this regard is GoShare.

If you happen to own a box truck, you can potentially earn an impressive average of $85 per hour through GoShare. However, even if you own a regular car and exclusively provide courier services, you can still expect to make an average of $36 to $42 per hour. These figures stand out significantly compared to other delivery apps, showcasing the earning potential GoShare offers.


Among the best delivery apps to make money, DoorDash stands out with highly positive reviews from its drivers.

Many drivers appreciate the level of freedom provided by the company, making them feel like they are in charge of their own side gig. Additionally, the majority of customers tip their Dashers, which is a significant advantage for drivers working with a company that has a positive reputation.

Over the years, DoorDash has built a strong customer trust through its operations, which explains why it remains a top choice among food delivery apps and courier side gigs.


When it comes to earning tips as a delivery driver, there are a few key points to keep in mind that can significantly impact your success.

Firstly, ensuring timely deliveries is crucial. It may seem obvious, but some drivers overlook this aspect. Making an effort to deliver the order on time, or even earlier than expected, increases the likelihood of receiving generous tips.

Secondly, donning a smile can make a world of difference. Greeting customers with a friendly smile and a positive attitude can instantly uplift their mood. After all, nobody wants a gloomy face greeting them at their doorstep.

Lastly, going the extra mile by asking if customers need anything else can leave a lasting impression. This simple question shows that you care about their overall experience, beyond just delivering the food. Even small gestures like offering a napkin can go a long way in creating a positive customer experience.

There you have it – the best delivery apps to make money with! I hope this post has inspired you to give them a try and make some extra money.

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Best Delivery Apps To Make Money

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