5 Best FREE Research Tools to Help Start Your Business

When you’re first testing the waters and doing your research for a new business idea, it’s handy to know about the following free tools you can use and may not have heard of.

At first when I started my blog, I knew nothing about keyword research, SEO, or how to look up data to help me get ahead with my blog.

But then I started to discover free and valuable tools and I still use them all the time!

Whether you are starting a blog for the first time or any other online business venture, these tools can help you out when you’re in the early stages and beyond.

Let’s take a look at five free business research tools below.

Google Trends is a nifty free tool to gain insight into what people are searching for on the web.

You can see what has been trending and what topics are most popular by country and region.

If you enter a seasonal search term like Thanksgiving, then you will see a peak for that term every November.

However, say you search for Traveling, you will see the results are steady and evergreen.

When searching for terms to gather information for a business idea, there are three different types of search results.

The first being seasonal peaks like Christmas, Halloween etc.

The second being “evergreen” topics like traveling, marketing and so on.

The third being short lived trends where there is a peak and then it drops and doesn’t pick up again.

Check out this helpful article from ahrefs, a keyword research tool, to look at some of the most effective ways to use Google Trends.

2. Answer the Public

You may or may not have heard of this website but I think it’s an awesome tool to see what questions people ask.

People ask questions about all different topics, so this is a good way to see what people are asking in your niche.

The main question areas are the how, why, where, which, what, when. But there are so many ways to discover how people ask questions. Pretty interesting!

When you enter what’s called a seed term into this tool, an example could be “running”, then you will see results for common questions people ask Google every day. See example below:

Seeing all the different types of questions people ask can give you ideas for blog posts, answer customer’s questions and give you an insight when making decisions in your business.

It can also help you if you’re creating a course, informational video or with podcast topics.

Using this tool will help you get inside your audience’s head and give you the opportunity to answer their questions in depth.

3. Similar Web

When you want a quick data analysis of a website, Similar Web is a handy free tool you can use.

They show you how much traffic a website receives per month and the most visits by country.

You can also see what is driving the most traffic to a website whether it’s direct search traffic, display advertising, social media etc.

If you want more in-depth data on a particular website, then you can sign up to an account with them but it’s a good tool if you want a quick data check on a website.

4. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are so much more than just online groups of like minded people to chatting about their interests.

They provide so much free information to someone like you who is wanting to learn more before starting a business.

Whether it’s a product that Moms are raving about or dating advice, there is a facebook group for almost anything.

I suggest joining as many facebook groups in your niche as possible and observe the discussions. Gather feedback and ask questions too, to really engage with your target market.

Some examples of things to observe would be what problems do people have that need solving? How old are they and where are they based? Is there a product or service that can already help them?

5. Udemy

Udemy is a gold mine when it comes to finding valuable information.

Jump onto their website and take a look under their Categories drop down at the top left. You will see multiple niches and their sub-niches as well as ‘popular topics’ under each sub-niche.

You want to look at courses in the popular topics to see which ones people are most interested in.

Not only are they interested in these topics but they are paying to access them. This will allow you to get content ideas, dive deep into the popular sub-niches and even create your own course.

Once you have your popular topics, head over to Amazon and select Kindle Store from the dropdown search option. Type in your topic and look for a book that has lots of reviews. This tells you lots of people purchased that book and your researched niche is popular.

I hope that by discovering these five free tools helps you on your journey to starting your own business.

If you found these tools helpful let me know in the comments section, I’d love to hear from you!

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